Mid-Autumn Test

Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with this beautiful and timeless classic by one of China's most famous female poets. 


    -  桂花


暗 淡 輕 黃 體 性 柔

情 疏 跡 遠 只 香 留。

何 須 淺 碧 深 紅 色

自 是 花 中 第 一 流。

梅 定 妒,菊 應 羞

畫 闌 開 處 冠 中 秋。

騷 人 可 煞 無 情 思

何 事 當 年 不 見 秋?

“Partridge in the Sky - Osmanthus Flower”

By Li Qingzhao - Song Dynasty (619 - 907) Translated by Xu Yuanchong

You are so tender, though of pale, light yellow hue:

Far from caress of heart and hand, fragrant are you.

How can you need the color of rose or green jade?

Beside you there are no beautiful flowers but fade.

Envious [plum blossoms] should grow; Chrysanthemums feel shy;

By balustrades you blow Under mid-autumn sky.

The Poet Qu must be insensible of your beauty,

Or how could he forget to praise you was his duty?  



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