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An unopened box of To&
An unopened box of To&
An unopened box of To&
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Tequila Cask Aged - Harvest 2015

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Ingredients: 73% Cacao beans, cane sugar

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

Wt: 50g (1.76oz)

PROFILE:   Nose: Fruity caramel with a citric zest.  Palate: Soft fruit and butterscotch with a sweet agave twang, touch of vanilla and nutmeg.  Finish: Sweet buttery caramel, slightly smokey wood, honey.

STORY: Don Julio’s pioneering work in the craft of tequila has much in common with To'ak's work in the craft of chocolate. We selected our Rain Harvest 2015 - Light (73%) to mature in one of our Don Julio casks.

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: The first and most obvious choice is añejo tequila in general, and Don Julio in particular. Whiskies across the board also pair very well, particularly American whiskies like Bourbon and rye, as well as Scotch and Irish. In the realm of cheese, look toward mild Alpine cheeses (eg. Comté, Gruyère and Beaufort), soft and semi-hard sheep milk cheese, as well as gouda and brie.

CERTIFICATION: Heirloom Cacao Preservation. Beyond Certifications (read more)


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