Godmother & Goddaughter

Cecilia has been around to help raise Shanice since she was a little girl, and their mutual love has blossomed into a heartwarming relationship. This touching story shows us that mother-figures come in all forms and roles.

1. Tell us more about your relationship with your godmother.

We have a very intimate relationship. She has been my nanny since I was born but has asked my mother for permission to be my Godmother. And since, Godma has spoiled me since young and we always express our love for each other very openly. She may look like my grandmother due to the age gap but I do love her like my own mother. Recently, she has been diagnosed with dementia and I am always very heartened that she still remembers me. I am very sad that her memory is fading and age is catching up on her.

2. How has she been like a mother to you?

Her parenting style is very soft, never once did she pressurise me to do well in school. Doing my best is good enough for her. At the end of the day, a child will only remember who was with her, who stood by her, who encouraged her. And my Godma is that figure. Like every stay home mother, she takes care of my every need when my parents are hard at work. On days when I meltdown because "I don't want to go home", she would tell my mother "It is alright, she can stay for the night." And just like that, our bond has never been closer.

3. What does she do that inspires you everyday?

Her dedication to the household, her joy and thankfulness for God's glory in whatever she was doing truly inspires me. She has never once expressed that she is tired after a long day. That is pretty amazing! I have been a stay home mum for 5 years and boy, it IS tiring.

4. How has she been an important part of your life?

I spent 12 years of my life in her house, modelling after the way she lives, she speaks, the way she carries herself. And that, a daily reminder of how I should parent my 2 young children. I didn't have the privilege of growing up with a grandmother I am close with, she's the closest to what I can experience. That I am thankful for. My godma is truly an important figure in my life.

5. If you could pick a flower that best represents her, what would it be and why? 

Orchid. Feminine, and full of grace.