Mentor & Mentee

Who knew that pilates classes would lead to a beautiful bond between two people? Sometimes we are lucky enough to find an inspiring mother-figure in our mentor. Doreen and Wendy's beautiful bond has been a heartwarming source of inspiration.

1. How has she been like a mother to you?

I’ll say it’s more like a mentor and role model. Her strict way of teaching is very much like tough love! Think Asian parenting! No holds barred, no sugar coating and saying it as it is in order to push you further, for your own good. 

2. What does she do that inspires you everyday?

Her discipline, grit, hardworking nature, professionalism and dedication to her work and craft. Truly an embodiment of the phrase, “age is just a number and not an excuse”. She is totally body goals to me! I remember when I first met her, I told myself, if gyrotonic does that to your body, please sign me up!

3. How has she been an important part of your life?

My weekly, very early morning gyro session with her is a symbolism of the mantra “stick to your plan and goals! Do not throw in the towel. Consistency is key!” A constant reminder to myself to toughen up! If she can put in the hours at her age, how can I not do the same? 

4. What is the one value that she taught you?

I remember when she had her second vaccination, the day before our gyro session, she texted me in the evening to say she’s feeling slightly unwell but she’ll let me know by 10pm if she’s feeling better for our 7am class tomorrow. At 10pm, she texted to say “feeling better, see you tomorrow at 7am”. I was out that night for a birthday party and got home late but I told myself, no matter how tired or hungover I felt, I have to show up at 7am for gyro because, what’s my excuse?

She's definitely taught me (through leading by example), the value of tenacity, grit, strength, discipline, hard work and commitment. I appreciate and admire people with a strong sense of discipline. It’s a value that I consistently remind myself to uphold. 

5. If you could pick a flower that best represents her, what would it be and why? 

Hydrangea, because it’s sturdy and long lasting; much like her strength & tenacity!