Father & Daughter

Mike, a father who raised Xin Yu, has been her pillar of strength through life's ups and downs. Their beautiful story of constant support and love is such an uplifting read!

1. Tell us more about your relationship with your father.

We are like parent-and-child but also a pair of best friends! It’s super cool.

2. How has he been like a mother to you?

He sometimes surprises me with how nurturing and attentive a working dad can be. But above all, he carries my worries as his own, and that’s something I've always deemed warmer than a mother’s hug.

3. How has he been an important part of your life?

Ask any of my friends who is the most important person in my life and they will, without a doubt, tell you it’s my dad! He’s truly been my biggest confidante and supporter through all my life phases. I’m so lucky to have my hero as my best friend.

4. What do you love the most about this special relationship and about each other?

For me, it’s the way he loves me for who I am today, yet continues to push me to be better every day.

5. If you could pick a flower that best represents him, what would it be and why? 

Orchids, because I’ve heard that they are really resilient!