Sustainable Material Design Studio


GRAMS is a brand of modern sustainable handmade objects and surface design materials based in Singapore.

We combine the use of innovative techniques, recycled and low impact materials in the production of our pieces – such that they are safer for the planet and better for our future. Our collection of trays, vessels, decorative homewares and surface materials are produced in small batches with a focus on artisan design and minimising waste, while using minimal machinery, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Christmas is that time of year where we shower our friends and loved ones with gifts. So this year, why not make all your gifting efforts a little more meaningful by considering sustainable pieces from GRAMS.

Made using sustainable materials with a circular recycling loop, our beautiful homeware pieces will not only beautify your spaces but hopefully spark new meaningful conversations as well. Join in our movement to bring beautiful sustainable wares to the homes of everyone!