To'ak Cognac Aged Drinking Chocolate

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Ingredients: 81% Ecuadorian Cacao beans

Wt: 200g (7.1oz)

Variety: Heirloom Nacional Cacao

Aged for 6 Years in a French Cognac cask | Harvest 2014 | Heirloom & Single Origin

PROFILE: Crafted in Ecuador from the rarest variety on earth. Experience aromas of dried plums, berries, oak.

RECIPES: It’s pretty simple. For best results, use a milk frother. Otherwise, a saucepan also works well. Add chocolate powder to your choice of milk, cream, non-dairy plant milk, or water. Heat and mix until frothy, and then serve.

Our Favorite Recipes

• European-Style: For small, rich servings with thick consistency, combine 1/3 cup of preferred liquid with 2 generous tablespoons of ground chocolate. If you have small coffee cups or espresso-style cups, this is a great opportunity to put them to use.

• American-Style: For moderate-sized servings with moderate consistency, combine 1/2 cup of preferred liquid with 2 generous tablespoons of ground chocolate. Serve in traditional-size coffee mugs.

• Extreme Decadence: Choose half-and-half or heavy cream as the liquid. In this case, it’s best to use “European-style” serving sizes.

A note about additives

There is no need to add any additional sweetener or other flavoring—this is meant to be enjoyed as a pure drinking chocolate. However, feel free to play around with it and add whatever you wish.

• Some flavoring options include cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric, cayenne pepper, or chili powder.

• You can also spike it with rum, whisky, or tequila, among other spirits...or not. Your call.

CERTIFICATION: Heirloom Cacao Preservation. Beyond Certifications (read more)


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