Scent Profiles

Scent Profile  Scents
Floral, Calming, Lush Itaewon565, Apricot Blossom, Cherry Blossom, April Scent, La Vie En Rose, Champagne Rose, Girl's Neck, Through the Olive Trees
Citrusy, Refreshing, Uplifting Everyday is like Sunday, Mandarin Orange, Verbena, Risky Citrus, Champagne Rose
Earthy, Relaxing, Luxurious The Raindrops, Sleep Well, Lavender Darling, Laundry, Secret Garden, Pink Cotton
Fresh, Invigorating, Floral Fresh Mint Darling, April Scent, Boy's Neck, Summer's Night, Violette, Love Spell
Calming, Homely, Inviting New Shoes, Kiss Lesson, Hinoki, Honey, Yuki No Hana, Petit Grain


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