About the program

Petal Perks is our exclusive rewards program and another way for us to connect with you in a meaningful way. Earn Petals every time you make a purchase at our online store or any of our Ateliers. Your Petals will entitle you to enjoy exclusive rewards from us and our partner brands.

How it works

1. Sign Up

Become a Petal Perks member and start earning Petals.

2. Earn Petals

Earn Petals in a variety of ways, whether you're placing an order or referring a friend.

3. Spend petals & Enjoy

Spend Petals on in-store perks and exclusive partner rewards from the brands you love.

Ways to earn Petals

Place an order

Earn Petals every time you place an order on our store! Earn more Petals as you upgrade through our VIP tiers.

Spread the word

Introduce more members to The Floral Atelier Community! Refer a friend to earn some Petals!

Celebrate your Birthday

Earn Petals by simply entering your birthday and wake up to a burst of Petals every year!

In-store rewards

View ways to spend

Partner Perks

Learn more

VIP Tiers

A rewards program that blooms with you.

TFA_Petal Perks_Daissie
TFA_Petal Perks_Rosette
TFA_Petal Perks Tulip
TFA_Petal Perks_Peonia
Tier Daissie Rosette Tulipina Peonia
Amount spent in the last 12 months
> SGD 1,500
> SGD 3,500
> SGD 5,000
Petals Earned per SGD1.00 spent
Welcome Petals
Welcome Gift
Petals per successful referral
+200 Petals on your Birthday
Early Access to new Product & Service Launches
Exclusive Access to The Atelier & Co. events
Concierge Services 
Special Pricing
Complimentary Delivery on all orders

Petal Perks FAQ

Explore all Petal Perks FAQs. For less frequently-asked questions, reach out to us here.

Petal Perks is our exclusive rewards program to say 'Thank you' to our customers for being part of our blooming journey by rewarding petals to our members. Members of Petal Perks can collect petals and earn rewards and exclusive perks each time they shop or share.

You can create an account online or in store at any of our atelier stores. Sign up for the program and receive 100 bonus petals! Feel free to approach our friendly staff and they will be happy to assist you.

There are 4 different floral tiers associated with benefits and rewards - Daissie, Rosette, Tulipina, Peonia that will be assigned to you based on your accumulated spend over a 12 month period.

Daissie: No minimum spend required

Rosette: SGD1,500.00 spend within 12 months

Tulipina: SGD 3,500.00 spend within 12 months

Peonia: SGD 5,000 spend within 12 months

To earn petals, you must have a Petal Perks account with us. Create an account or sign in to your existing account to access rewards. In order to be eligible to earn petals on purchases, you must: (1) be signed in to your online account at the time of purchase; or (2) provide your email address when purchasing. 

Here are the ways to earn petals with us:
- Sign up an account
- Purchase online or in-store
- Successfully referred a friend to us

*Petals are only awarded based on purchase SGD amount spent per transaction only, excluding any discounts.

Sign in to your account where you can check your blooming status and petals along with a list of rewards for redemption based on each floral tier. When you redeem for your reward, your petals will be deducted from your account and you can use your reward upon checkout for your next purchase. Rewards are constantly being updated, so be sure to check back often!

*Kindly note that The Floral Atelier's rewards cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount.

Petals are valid for 12 months from your Petals Perks anniversary date. Your petals will expire and reset to zero (0) on your anniversary date each year and you start accumulating new petals, unlocking new rewards. Although your petals may be reset to zero (0), your VIP status is determined by the amount spent in the past 12 months.

The anniversary date is the date when you are enrolled in the Petals Perks, and it occurs on a 12 month cycle. For example, if you joined the Petal Perks Program on 1 August 2021, your anniversary date would be 1 August 2022, and every 1 August of each following year.

Your Petals Perks account can be accessed by launching the widget and or logging in with your email address here.

Redeeming your petals will not affect your tier status. Tier status is based on your accumulated spending over a 12 month period. To maintain your tier status, you will need to meet the accumulated spend required for the tier.

Your tier status is valid for 12 months from your Petals Perks anniversary date. If the minimum spending amount for the past 12 months is not achieved, your tier will be downgraded automatically and your overall spending will reset to start accumulating petals again. If your tier is downgraded, your benefits change accordingly.

If you meet the spending requirements for the higher tiers, you will automatically be enrolled in the higher tier and unlock the perks accordingly.

Petals will only be rewarded after your order has been paid in full.

Petals cannot be combined and are non-transferable.

Please email us at floral@the-atelier.co with your account email and activity details.

Do email us at floral@the-atelier.co and we will be happy to assist.

As a member of our Petal Perks rewards program, you agree to the following:

1. All rewards and benefits are subject to availability at the time of redemption.

2. The Petal Perks Rewards program and all related rewards and benefits are subject to change, cancellation, and discontinuation, at the sole discretion of management at anytime, without notification.

3. Any other terms & conditions as deemed reasonable and necessary by management.  All terms & conditions are subject to change, at the sole discretion of management, at any time.