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Our atelier's works adhere to our ethos of Beauty. Luxury. Exceptional. Our team of skilled floral artisans, designers, and seasoned events professionals turn your imaginations into reality.  There's a time and season for everything.  For the grand moments in your life, we are here to help you amplify them in a timeless and elegant manner. We create works that enable you to connect with the people you care about in meaningful ways.


With every design we sketch, every arrangement we craft, and every bloom we select, we amplify the natural beauty of the blooms, elevate the luxury of a bespoke gift, and demonstrate the technical skills of our craftsmanship. Our design aesthetic is a combination of the elegant and romantic. We believe in the magic of pairing spectacular blooms with natural, organic, and lush elements. To us, there is nothing more timeless than elegance and nothing more beautiful than nature. Timeless beauty, sophisticated elegance, and exceptional craftsmanship are the hallmarks of our floral collections.

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EventS design

Our renowned design team turns your imagination into reality, transport you to magical places, and create personal dialogues between you and your guests. We help elevate the beauty, luxury, and exceptional elements of event & floral designs for you. We take a limited number of events and weddings each year to ensure the quality of our work and the integrity of our services. 

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Our heaquarters, @Delta House, is a purpose-designed, 7,000 sq ft, open-floor plan floral wonderland, full of beautiful things, filled with stunning florals from around the world, and troves of carefully curated object d'arts for you to explore and discover.  It is also a place for learning and knowledge, where wonderful workshops will inspire you, masterclasses by expert artisans will enlighten you, and an immersive environment that will expand your creative mind.

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