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Connecting You and Your Clients in Meaningful Ways

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Whether you're planning your dream wedding, an intimate affair, or looking to engage your clients in meaningful ways, our array of services enable you to engage and connect with the people you care about on a meaningful level.  Our works aim to always reflect our values of Beauty. Luxury. Exceptional.

Weddings & Events

With a dedicated in-house planning, design, floral, and execution team, we are committed to awe-inspiring designs and exceptional quality in our works. Collaborate with us to turn your vision into a stunning reality. 

Bridal Flowers

From stunning bouquets to bespoke bridesmaid florals, we create personalized pieces that define elegance, luxury and timeless beauty. Our one-of-a-kind creations elevate you and your special day.

Gifts & Rewards

Be it an intimate gift, a gesture of gratitude, a congratulation, a spectacular affair, or a special occasion, allow us to create beautiful & personalized gifts that say "You're Special" to the people you care about.  


Your brand, your events, your marketing efforts are important.  Your clients are our clients. Collaborate with us to create stunning works that enable you to connect with your clients in meaningful ways.

Creative Workshops 

Our series of workshops & masterclasses enable you to explore your creative side, elevate your technical skills, and deepen your love of florals. Great for team bonding, engagement, and learning.  Inclusive of materials and light refreshments.

Events Venue

Our HQ, @DeltaHouse, a 7,000 sq ft open-floor space houses our design studio, and Singapore's first all-glass flower cellar.  Our space provides a magnificent and immersive environment for VIP events, or intimate affairs.

Experience our world of Beauty. Luxury. Exceptional.

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