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Discover our exclusive curated scented candles and home fragrances. Beautifully designed, Luxuriously imagined, and Exceptionally created using only natural ingredients by passionate artisans across the globe.  

AUGUST&PIERS candles are a reflection of the brand’s philosophy of celebrating and honouring everyone’s individuality and quirks. A&P candles are made of 100% natural and paraffin-free soy, bee and rapeseed blended wax. The fragrances used in the scented candles are developed by renowned perfumers, and responsibly sourced. Candles come in bespoke ceramic vessels, handcrafted with a natural bisque finish.

Step into a world with EVERMORE LONDON’s candles, where each flicker of flame promises a journey of wonder and inspiration. Crafted with precision and care, the luxury vegan brand harnesses the power of natural rapeseed wax to develop premium candles to transport you to moments of blissful escape. 

From Seoul to London, Paris, New York, and Singapore.  Shop all 33 signature scents by SOOHYANG, which means "excellent fragrance", reflects characteristics of the space, as well as emotions and the inner world of the people within the space. 

AERANGIS's mission is to use the power of fragrance to unlock forgotten memories, immortalizing moments worth remembering. Working closely with world-renowned perfumers, Aerangis has carefully crafted each fragrance to either recall precious memories or create one that will evoke memories for generations.

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