To'ak Luxury Chocolates

To'ak's mission is purity in its most radical form: introduce the world to rare cacao and elevate the chocolate experience with conservation and sustainability at its core. Experience THE most expensive chocolate in the world. The price reflects provenance and craftsmanship at its purest form with To’ak’s exclusive access to HCP certified beans from Piedra de Plata. This heirloom strain of Ecuadorian Nacional was once thought to be extinct. Analogous to traditional grape cultivation and wine making, To’ak emphasizes the foundational elements of terroir in their “Harvest” single origin editions. In its “Aged” editions, cacao beans are barrel-aged in Ecuadorian woods to extract and expand the aromas and flavor profiles. To'ak chocolates embody our ethos of Beauty. Luxury. Exceptional.  We invite you to discover and try rare cacao and chocolates, a truly elevated experience.

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