Tips on caring for your hydrangeas

We all love Hydrangeas! These lovely blooms were first discovered and cultivated in Japan and can now be easily sourced due to an increase in growers across various countries like Holland, Columbia, China and Korea.

Hydrangeas are clearly the favourites of any florists! Such delicate beauties come available in the widest varieties of colours such as pink, blue, purple or even green. These widely-used florals are often featured as the main bloom in arrangements, taking centre stage due to their shape, colour, and texture. In mono-floral arrangements, these hydrangeas alone can exude a modern and clean look, perfect for any worthy instagramable moment. Due to their versatility, they are also used as filler flowers, complementing many other blooms. They are really the must-have to any floral lover!

But did you also know, hydrangeas were derived from the Greek word of “hydro” which means water and “angos” meaning vessel or jar, roughly translating to “water barrel” and hence their constant need for water.

So here are some ways on how to care for these lovely delicate fresh cut hydrangeas and what to do to make sure they look dainty and fluffy in a tropical climate such as Singapore.

  1. Store them in a cool environment away from direct heat or sunlight.
  2. Spritz water on the petals once a day to keep the hydrangeas refreshed, preventing them from withering.
  3. Trim the stems of the hydrangeas at an angle every two days so that there is more surface area for water to be absorbed.
  4. Change the water in the vase at least once a day.


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