Lifestyle Collection

Our curation of lifestyle gifts is an ode to beauty and luxury from our partners who are exceptional at what they do. Our selection of Soohyang Signature Scents and Curated Vases aims to transform your spaces into immersive environments, elevating your sensory experience.  Our exclusive partnership with To'Ak will introduce and help you discover the world's rarest cacao and luxury Chocolate (coming soon!) Take home a piece of Beauty. Luxury. Exceptional

Soohyang Signature Scents

From Seoul to London, Paris, New York, and Singapore.  Shop all 33 signature scents here @TheFloralAtelier.  The perfect pairing to our stunning flowers, ornaments, and gifts.  Treat yourself or someone special to you.

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Vases & Ornaments

Elevate your living and working space with our curated selection of vases & ornaments.  Bring a piece of contemporary design and craftsmanship home with you today.

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Eternity Blooms

Enjoy the natural beauty, inspiration, and heart-felt love of flowers...forever.  Our Eternity Collection features a mix of preserved and dried flowers that will continue to be your daily source of love, inspiration, excitement, and joy for years to come.

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