What are mono and mixed floral arrangements?

Fussing about what flowers to use for your next event or party? The first thing that you should consider would be the overall look that you would like to achieve. Depending on the types for flowers used, there are two main compositions that you can consider:

Mono floral arrangements:

A single flower type or variety used to make an arrangement. It could be just a vase of hydrangeas or roses only. Here at our atelier, the Modern collection features a single type of flower immaculately arranged in a particular colour of choice. Mono floral arrangements are simple yet elegant at the same time and they can be commonly seen at weddings, formal dinner or birthday parties.  

Featuring a Yellow Bloom Box.

Mixed floral arrangements:

Multiple varieties of flowers used to make an arrangement. With different varieties of flowers featured, it is always good to have a colour scheme in mind so that it makes the selection process easier. The Signature collection features a seasonal array of florals available in 8 different colour schemes suitable for various occasions. Mixed floral arrangements can be great for events or luncheons that are a bit more playful and fun.  

Featuring a Poet Bloom Box.


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