The Dreamer

Featuring a Dreamer Bloom Box.

Drawing inspiration from the sea of blues and a medley of majestic purples, this colour palette evokes tranquility and calms the busy mind. Imagine yourself walking on a beach with waves gently crashing against the shore, faded sunsets in vivid purples and pinks that light up the horizon or running through magnificent fields of lavender with its scent lingering. 

This Signature is definitely for the dreamers and the hopeless romantics. Dive into your unconscious minds and join us on this journey to discover your dreams.


Featuring a Dreamer Romantic in Premium size with a vase.

Seasonal flowers like Delphiniums, Dahlias, Matthiolas, and Clematis add lines and textures this arrangement. With the natural form that these flowers create, they enhance and make this blossoms come to live. The Dreamer Signature, with its harmony of blues and purples, is befitting for one that is looking for serenity amidst this modern life.


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