The Ingenue

"Innocence tinctures all things with brightest hues."
- Edward Counsel

Ingenue Bloom Box

Featuring the Ingenue Bloom Box.

One of our popular floral themes in The Floral Atelier is the Ingenue. Inspired by the term "Ingénue" — used to describe a wide-eyed and innocent lady in film or on stage, showcases blooms in the most modest of candy-coloured hues. Yet when they come together, make for a romantic and elegant arrangement.


Colours can certainly evoke emotions. With pastel hues, feelings of calm and tranquillity come to mind. In the Atelier, seasonal fresh flowers that sometimes make up the Ingenue include blush garden roses, pastel blue hydrangeas, delicately scented hyacinths, fragrant freesias, delicate buttercups and exquisite peonies.

Florals in pastel colours add a soft touch to arrangements even if the flowers are prickly in nature like blue thistles. An Ingenue Bloom Box or bouquet is a thoughtful gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby, a get-well arrangement or simply just to say 'thank you'.


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