Varieties of Roses We Adore

Long considered a symbol of beauty and love, the rose is probably the most loved flower in the world. A versatile and timeless flower, the rose is used often in various floral arrangements for homes, offices and of course weddings.

Contrary to a popular belief that all roses are scented, most ornamental roses cultivated these days are no longer scented and hence, you no longer catch a whiff of it.

Here are some of the roses that are commonly used by florists in Singapore:

Standard Roses:

These roses are available all year round and they are most commonly cultivated in various countries like Kenya, Ecuador and China. Such roses are perfect for a Modern vase arrangement which adds a classic and elegant touch to any part of one’s home.

Pink RosesPink Modern

Featuring a Pink Modern in Classic size.

Garden Roses:

Garden roses are a popular choice with brides due to their endless ruffles and layers of petals. These garden roses bloom bigger over time and are sometimes commonly mistaken as peonies. Garden roses are available in many different varieties, shapes, colours and sizes according to their respective grower’s farms. The most popular garden roses would be the Juliet and the White O’Hara. We always love to have them as the main focal point in our bouquets as it simply takes our breath away with its sheer beauty.

Garden Rose
Bridal Bouquets

 Spray Roses:

Spray roses are smaller versions of standard roses and are commonly used as accent flowers to add depth to arrangements. There are up to 3-5 heads on each single stem as compared to standard roses with 1 head per stem. Spray roses are also available throughout the year in wide variety of colours.

Ballerina Bloom Box

Featuring a Ballerina Bloom Box.


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