Prestige Online - October 2, 2020

There’s just something so wonderfully idyllic about a fresh bouquet of flowers.
Whether they’re nestled snugly in a vase, or wrapped in burlap for that rustic aesthetic, gifting the gift of flowers will always bring a smile to your recipient. Sure, you might be able to get nice flowers from the unmanned florist at your gourmet market. But the cashier won’t be able to guarantee their freshness, nor would they have the expertise to put it all together in a neat little bunch. That’s why you need to go pro. The florists here can tailor your blooms for any occasion — anniversaries, Valentine’s, or for a “sprucing-up-my-abode” day.
The Floral Atelier
Surely you’ve seen those beautiful boxes of flowers somewhere on your Instagram feed. You can, by way of The Floral Atelier, treat yourself or your partner to one of their signature bloom boxes that will add a touch of sophistication to any room. Starting at S$195, there are eight floral themes you can choose from, with a majority of the flowers coming freshly imported from the Netherlands, Colombia, and Ecuador. The Floral Atelier is part of The Atelier & Co founded by Lelian Chew, which also counts The Wedding Atelier under its portfolio of creative agencies.