Aerangis' mission is to use the power of fragrance to unlock forgotten memories, and immortalise moments worth remembering.
Working closely with world-renowned perfumers, Aerangis has carefully crafted each and every fragrance to either recall precious memories or create one that will evoke memories for generations. Ignite your senses @TheFloralAtelier with their signature scents which are inspired by cherished memories, including a secret garden in Taiwan, a ranch and vineyard in upstate New York, the spirit of New Orleans, and many others to come.
While each candle begins with a personal recollection, the scent comes to life the minute you light the wick and make it part of your own unforgettable experience.
Each candle is hand-crafted with all-natural ingredients and comes in a beautiful kiln-fired ceramic jar from Taiwan's famous "Snake Kiln", perfect for repurposing into a lasting accessory for your blooms or treasures.

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