The Master Florist in Residence program I


The Master Florist in Residence program will see one globally renowned florist take residency at The Floral Atelier for a 1-week period or longer, on a rotational basis, throughout the year. The Floral Atelier works closely with each Master Florist to create a series of bespoke, engaging, and immersive workshops and masterclasses that aim to inform, teach, and engage our audience, professionals and floral enthusiasts alike.  The masterclasses and workshops will take place at our HQ, The Atelier & Co, located at Delta House, and selected venues throughout Singapore.

For professional florists, enroll in the specially designed 3-day, immersive Masterclass. Engage with other professionals and the Master Florist to unlock your floral artistry, master techniques, and get useful insights on how to grow your floral business. Special discounts for professionals available.

For floral enthusiasts, creatives, and anyone who appreciates artistry, sign up for one of the specially curated workshops and discover the world of floral artistry.  Under the guide of the Master Florist, unlock your creative side and discover your artistic potential working with fresh flowers and foliages to create your own floral work of art. Embark on this creative journey with friends, colleagues, or partner.

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