Soohyang Scents


Green Floral

Itaewon 565 is the signature scent and the address of Soohyang’s very first store in Itaewon. Itaewon 565 is our best-selling fragrance, infusing a lot of fresh green floral note.


Spicy Oriental

Gangnam 8 is Villa Soohyang’s signature scent, which delivers the vibrant mood of a very famous district in Seoul, Gangnam. Its spicy note is composed of nutmegs and cloves, topped by orange flowers and orchids, representing the oriental note.

The Raindrops


Similar but different, and better. It is the rebirth of our best-seller 'Raindrops'. The smell of rain reflecting the sound, the emotion and the texture of raindrops will make you feel nostalgia when lit on a rainy day.

Everyday is Like Sunday

Green Citrus

The freshness of the citrus blend with tomato, basil and thyme herbs deliver a pleasant vitality to the space.

Champagne Supernova

Green Fruity

This scent is an interpretation of the exquisite sweetness and the revitalizing feeling of a newly-opened French champagne.

Sleep Well


The soothing combination of lavender, rosemary and special herbs is a helping hand for better sleep and relaxation. It gives you the sensation of waking up fresh after a long sleep.

Lavender Darling


Soft violet leaves are helpful for relaxation, and lavender leaves help generate a naturally comfortable mood. Beyond the lavender’s simple aromatic scent, the scent provides an even deeper level of comfort.

Fresh Mint Darling


By blending sepia mint and peppermint of the herbal mint note and ginger and cloves of the spicy note, this scent is of the herbs, by the herbs, and for the herbs - a new level of herbal freshness.

Mandarin Orange


Using the oil extracted from organic Jeju-Island mandarin, the scent is refreshing and sweet. We believe that more happiness brings more energy to your life.



The verbena plant delivers the refreshing feeling from the citrus note, infused with the clarity of the natural herbal note. Verbena's fresh fragrance will make your space lively.

Risky Citrus


Inspired by juicy and citrusy mandarins, the sweet and sour taste is delicately merged in the scent. As the scent diffuses in your space, you will surely be on cloud nine.

Apricot Blossom

Fruity Floral

Apricots are among the first flowers to bloom in Spring. The brilliance and the charm of Spring are melted in the scent.

Cherry Blossom


Ephemeral are the cherry blossoms with the bloom of Spring before they fall shortly after. Its delicate and gentle petals are translated in the floral note.

April Scent


The soft April sunshine is the source of inspiration for this romantically powdery floral note.

La Vie en Rose


Vibrant red rose petals and fresh green leaves are indulged in the scent. Fall in love with the charming and creative scent of roses.

Champagne Rose

Citrus Floral

The essence of the rosé wine with mild roses, lemons, berries and grapes comes to life in this scent. The rich fruity scent gives the pleasant sense of going out to a glamorous party.

Petit Grain

Green Floral

Petit grain is an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. This scent brightens the space by spreading the mixture of jasmine hyacinth and iris flower scent.

Pink Cotton

Aldehydic Floral

The freshness of crisp dried clean linen and romantic floral note are indulged in the scent. Its delicate scent may be familiar, but something about it is slightly different, that you'll want to indulge all day long.

Boy's Neck


This scent is a blend of musk and various herbs like wild lavender accentuated with lilac flowers. It radiates a chic and refined vibrant mood that is nothing less than charming.

Girl's Neck

Fruity Floral

The scent of fresh grass blend with the sweetness, juicy moist and crunchy texture of the watermelon is expressed as a fragrance. With a hint of mandarin and green tea mixture, the scent becomes even clearer and sweeter.



Laundry will bring back the memories of one's childhood, walking through freshly hung laundry in the yard. This enables us to feel comfortable and cozy.

Through the Olive Trees

Green Floral

Coming from the olive tree flowers in Tuscany of late April to early May, the scent is designed to deliver the comfort and balance to your daily life.

Summers Night


The fresh and bitter spicy taste of tomato leave blend with sandalwood, moss and amber note signify the general mood of the scent. Keep your most unforgettable summer night memory with this scent.


Woody Floral

The grassy, herbal, and light metallic scent coming from the violet flower makes the scent more pure and natural.



The scent is designed to harmonize the soft yet heavy texture of suede. Experience the sophisticated comfort through the scent.



The robust scent of wild figs and leaves from the fig tree will get you in the Autumn mood.

Love Spell


This scent is like the scent of the human skin. In order to develop a scent closely resembling the human body odor, we concentrate on musk using our special recipe. The scent delivers the comfort yet addictive aura of embracing your lover.

Secret Garden


Blending the floral note of rose, Hyacinth, Iris, Violet and Jasmine. Also, green, musk, Amber note to reflect the scent of The Secret Garden.

New Shoes


The smooth touch of leather and the mixture of orange, peach and apple can be found in this scent. By blending these elements, it is as if you are putting on brand new shoes for the first time.

Yuki No Hana

Musky Floral

The blend of rosewood and sandalwood has a soothing effect, calming the mind and body. Yuki No Hana means "snow flower" in Japanese.

Kiss Lesson


Labdanum flower-based powdery scent is an oriental type scent that is captivating. This smooth and mysterious scent is as seductive as lover's lips.



The scent of the cypress tree helps you relax. The dry yet sugary wooden smell creates a warm atmosphere and releases stress.



Honey has a very rich scent of pure honey that makes you feel like as if you are eating a big spoonful of honey from the honeypot.