Fresh purple tulips arranged in an Italian marble vase
Fresh purple tulips arranged in an Italian marble vase

Purple Tulip Luxe Marble Vase

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A seductive allure of the senses, uniformly shaped to truly amplify the enchanting hues of purple, from lilac, lavender, to royal, sculpted into a stunning modern d'object art. Comes in a sensual range of purple, depending on the season and curated varieties. Each Purple Tulip Luxe Marble Vase creation is exquisitely crafted and packaged in our exclusive Italian marble vessel for a luxurious presentation. All The Floral Atelier branded marble vases are designed to be repurposed for many other wonderful uses. 

App. Dimension: D20cm x H20cm

Note: While they are truly stunningly beautiful, tulips are incredibly fragile, delicate, and extremely sensitive to its environment. 

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Please note: The photo shown is for reference only. We will always use the freshest seasonal flowers available.

Our vase arrangements feature an assortment of florals hand-tied in an elegant spiral, arranged in our signature cylindrical glass vase.

  1. Place them in a cool, air-conditioned environment away from direct sunlight and direct heat.
  2. Change the water in the vase once every 2 days.
  3. Trim the stems of the flowers whenever fresh water is added.
  4. Spray some water directly onto the blooms once daily.
  5. Approximate Longevity*: 2 - 5 days

    *: Depending on environment that flowers are placed in. 

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