The Floral Atelier-Lover Bouquet
The Floral Atelier-Lover Bouquet
The Floral Atelier-Lover Bouquet
The Floral Atelier-Lover Bouquet
The Floral Atelier-Lover Bouquet

Lover Bouquet

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Deep red Peonies, red pink hydrangeas, and velvety red hued roses highlight the multitude of soft and elegant shades that serve to amplify the passion of love. The power of love is the inspiration for this signature theme and the meticulously curated premium florals and captivating palette of colors brings to life a work of art that never fails to impress its audience. 

All our signature bouquets compose of premium seasonal blooms with color palettes that highlight the theme

Approximate dimensions:
- Petite D24cm 
- Classic D35cm 
- Premium D45cm

Note: The image shown is in a Classic size. all florals are subject to seasonality and availability. 

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Please note: The photo shown is for reference only. We will always use the freshest seasonal flowers available.

  1. Deliveries are charged at $15 per location. 
  2. Flowers will be delivered between 1pm and 7pm. 
  3. For deliveries before 1:00pm, an additional $10 charge applies, subject to availability. For delivery time requests kindly contact us directly at  +6588692830  or Whatsapp us here.
  4. Flowers are hand-delivered in our signature packaging with a complimentary type-written gift card message. 
  5. Click here for the full list of delivery FAQ's. 


All our Signature Bouquets come with a water bag wrapped in our standard wax paper packaging, complete with a ribbon.

  1. Remove flowers from packaging.
  2.  Prepare a vase of fresh water.
  3. Trim the stems of the bouquet and transfer them into the vase.
  4. Place them in a cool air-conditioned environment away from direct sunlight and direct heat.
  5. Change the water in the vase once every few days.
  6. Trim the stems of the flowers whenever fresh water is added.
  7. Spray some water directly onto the blooms once daily.
  8. Approximate Longevity*: 2 - 5 days

      *: Depending on environment that flowers are placed in. 

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