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100% Cacao - 18 Mini Bar Selection

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Ingredients: 100% Cacao beans

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

Wt: 54g (1.9oz)

PROFILE: A seasonal selection of pure 100% chocolate bars from a specific harvest year (18 mini bars in total).

Flavors: Floral, berries, mint, red wine, forest floor

STORY: To'ak's first-ever 100% bar is loaded with complexity. In 2016, the valley of Piedra de Plata experienced the torrential rains of El Niño followed by an unexpected drought, culminating in a 7.8 magnitude earthquake during harvest. No extra cacao butter was added. This is a one-ingredient bar of chocolate—as pure as it gets.

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: One direction is to pair this with sweet fortified wine—especially Pedro Ximénez sherry. A relatively sweet spirit like Zacapa 23 rum is another great pairing. Irish whiskies and sherry-finished single malt Scotch whiskies also work well, as does cognac if properly aged. Cheese is a great pairing, including Brie, Manchego, aged Gouda, Comté, and Gruyère. This chocolate paired with cheese accentuates the nuttiness of both.

CERTIFICATION: Heirloom Cacao Preservation. Beyond Certifications (read more)


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