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Harvest - 18 Mini Bar Selection

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Ingredients: 75% Cacao beans, cane sugar

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

Wt: 54g (1.9oz)

Included Editions: A seasonal selection of three to six different Harvest editions (18 mini bars in total)

STORY: Mini bars from three to six different harvest years, all from the same famed appellation of Piedra de Plata. Akin to a vertical tasting of wine from different vintages, but with single-origin dark chocolate—something that’s never been done before. Each harvest year has its own delightfully unique personality.

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: There are several partners that pair well with each harvest year. A wide range of whiskies, well-aged Cognac (VSOP or XO), añejo Tequila (Casamigos or Don Julio), Zacapa 23 Rum, and sweet fortified wines are our favorites. Among cheeses, try Brie, Comté, Gruyère, Beaufort, or Gouda.

CERTIFICATION: Heirloom Cacao Preservation. Beyond Certifications (read more)


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