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Chocolate coins surrounded by pepper.
Individual To&
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Kampot Pepper Aged - Harvest 2015 & 2019

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Ingredients: 78% Cacao beans, cane sugar

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

Wt: 50g (1.76oz)

PROFILE:  Nose: A fresh herbal tone with rich chocolatey notes enlivened by floral spice.
 Palate: Earthy, hints of nuts and dark fruits, pepper comes in at the mid-palate with hints of wood and coffee, spice and citrus on the backend.
 Finish: Smooth buttery texture, floral shades of pepper with hints of wood and coffee, long alluring finish.

STORY: The world’s most celebrated pepper, from the Cambodian province of Kampot, meets the world’s most luxurious dark chocolate, from To’ak in Ecuador—aged for three years. A bold and floral chocolate with an artful touch of spice. Ideal for pairing with cheese, tequila, or rye whiskey.

PAIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: This is a good edition to pair with añejo tequila--Casamigos actually works better than most other tequilas for reasons we’re still trying to figure out. Rye whisky is another spirit that is well-suited to this edition, although a broad range of whiskies also work very well. With cheese, don’t worry about finding a spicy cheese. Instead, go with something like Gruyère, Compté, aged Gouda, or Pyrenees sheep cheese, and let the chocolate itself bring its own spice to the pairing.

CERTIFICATION: Heirloom Cacao Preservation. Beyond Certifications (read more)


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