Lunar New Year 2023


兔飞猛进, 大展鸿兔

Welcome the Lunar New Year with our curated selection of auspicious flowers and plants such as willows, mandarins, pink and apricot orchids, golden pineapples, blossoming azaleas, and stunning golden and crimson chrysanthemums, all expertly designed and sculpted into stunning floral creations by our floral artisans.

Usher in the Year of the Water Rabbit with Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Fortune, Good Health, and Happiness. Our selected 6 blessings form the theme of our Lunar New Year 2023 Collection and our exclusive packaging design, in auspicious red and jade colors.
Discover all of the blessings and auspicious elements in our limited edition and iconic bloom boxes!
满 Abundance · 福 Fortune · 财 Wealth · 喜 Happiness · 寿 Longevity · 旺 Prosperity
*Available for delivery or collection from 1 - 21 January 2023.

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