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A Unique Venue for All Occasions

The right venue is one of the biggest determining factor to a successful event, whether it's an intimate dinner party, a wedding, a product launch, a film or photo session.  Check out how our unique venue has helped our clients elevate occasions into special and impactful events.

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Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Our unique floral-themed venue is perfect for your special day.  The open floor plan concept provides maximum flexibility to design and transform it into a truly immersive floral wedding wonderland for that unforgettable day, Your Day.  Inquire Now.

Activations, Launches, Corporate Events

Our unique venue blends luxury, modern, and edgy, all in one space, suitable for all forms of activations, product launches, VIP and Corporate Events.  We provide full-service event design and decoration services to elevate the venue into a truly immersive environment that amplifies your brand and your engagement.


Photoshoots, Films, Action

Our Venue is the perfect backdrop for that award-winning shot or scene.  Whether it's a private photoshoot, commercial clips, movie scene, or an IG-worthy snapshot, our venue provides planning flexibility, AV and ample power readiness, and suitable for heavy-duty filming requirements. 

The Christmas Atelier

The Christmas Atelier has quickly become Singapore's main holiday shopping event, a specially curated selection of verified local brands, from artisanal retail to F&B, it's been 5-years running and we're going from strength to strength.  Come, have a great time, support local brands, and get into your holiday spirit.  Dec 1-4, 2023.  See you soon!