To'ak Origin & Art Series


Piedra de Plata is located 70 kilometers to the east of the Pacific Ocean and 70 kilometers to the west of the Andes Mountains—exactly equidistant from the two most important weather generators in Ecuador. The terrain is a network of forested hills and valleys, ranging from 100-300 meters (330-1,000 feet) above sea level. Slightly acidic soils of volcanic origin predominate, oftentimes rich with calcium and iron. The equatorial climate of Piedra de Plata is greatly influenced by two competing ocean currents that converge offshore. Both ocean currents ultimately work together to moderate temperatures and atmospheric humidity, producing year-round weather that is ideally suited to Nacional cacao. It is akin to pulling a grape off the vine in your favorite vineyard: There is something special there that transcends even the final product itself. It is a connection to its origin.

Ecuador’s native son, Oswaldo Guayasamín, is one of Latin America’s most celebrated artists. His work has been on display in many of the finest museums and galleries in the world. Guayasamín’s house, along with the Capilla del Hombre, is one of Quito’s most iconic attractions.

To’ak, born and based in Ecuador, uses the rarest and most priced cacao variety on earth to make extremely limited editions of single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate. Its flagship edition was aged for four years in a French oak cognac cask and considered the most valuable chocolate in the world.

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