No. 7 Seven Miles
No. 7 Seven Miles
No. 7 Seven Miles
No. 7 Seven Miles
No. 7 Seven Miles

No. 7 Seven Miles

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The Scent:

Velvety and sensual, this floral fragrance captures the essence of orange jasmine with notes of white gardenia, silky musk, and citrus blossoms. Ylang ylang and hints of sticky nectar meld together as the candle burns, evoking memories of Taiwan’s tropical humid evenings. 

The Notes: 

  • Top: aldehydes, petit grain, nectar
  • Middle: gardenia, ylang ylang, orange blossom
  • Base: violet, vetiver, cedarwood, musk

The Memory:

When founder Alicia Tsai returned to Taiwan for the first time since relocating to New York, she was immediately greeted by the familiar and creamy scent of orange jasmine, a common plant known locally as “Seven Miles” because of its far-reaching fragrance. This evergreen shrub grows in abundance in the neighborhood where she grew up. Now, anytime she smell its iconic notes, especially on a humid evening, she is instantly transported back to her birthplace.

Approximate burn time:

8 oz.: 50 hours


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